Building with ICF’s

My first blog post on my new website!  Here is an article, a blast from the past, with a few edits!

Build With Insulated Concrete Forms

Want to save money on your energy bill and live green? Then maybe consider buying an ICF built home. The Insulated Concrete Form Association defines ICF (Insulated Concrete form) as “hollow blocks or panels” made of plastic foam that are stacked into the shape of walls of a building. Workers then fill the centre with reinforced concrete to create the structure.” (Source: Insulated Concrete Form Association- ICF has been around for over forty years. The first patent was registered by Canadian Werner Gregori in the late 1960’s. (Source: ICF Magazine- ) Although it initially costs more to build ICF, it fits perfectly with the LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) Canada Homes rating system (Source: LEED Canada for Homes- ) and has many long term benefits for consumers and the environment. Some of these benefits are:

  • Energy Savings and efficiency
  • Local recycled material content and reduction in construction waste
  • Eliminates outdoor noise
  • Comfortable indoor temperatures during the summer and winter periods
  • Materials used are better for your health (no mold) and better protection from fire and severe storms.

Feb 2018: The updated SB-12 supplemental code which came into effect January 1, 2017, has several prescriptive packages addressing the building envelope and the mechanical systems for heating and cooling for Part 9 structures. It applies to both Zones 1 & 2. As a footnote, if you build with ICF, you meet the standard for each one of these packages.