Radiant in floor uses the thermal mass of a concrete floor or a lightweight concrete topping to provide even heating throughout the home without any cold spots. As it uses thermal mass like a heat sink it evenly distributes the heat energy and once the slab has reached an optimal temperature requires very little energy to maintain that temperature.

RGS supplies several types of radiant in floor insulation panels. Typical radiant installation involves laying down flat sheets of insulation mesh and then tying the radiant pipe to the mesh. Material wise it is the least expensive method, but the labour is quite intensive. Insulated “Pucks” boards are moulded eps insulation sheets that do dual duty: provide insulation and a raised puck, or knob between which the Pex Pipe is pushed in. This system reduces installation times by up to 70%.

We have several types of pucks boards, each suitable for different applications:

• Hydropex, a 16 PSI 4’ x 8’ sheet, suitable for residential concrete floors and accepts 1/2” pex

• Hydrofoam 360 HD a 23 PSI 4’ x 4’ sheet used in residential concrete floors and in garage floors where light duty vehicles are parked. This board accepts 1/2” and 5/8” pipe

• Ampex 2015F 2’ x 4’ sheet which can be used in residential, commercial and institutional applications where a higher density product is desired. Also suitable for driveway and sidewalk snowmelt system. This 30 psi sheet accepts up to a 3/4” pipe for high flow requirements.